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Postpartum Doula Care:

                                                   POSTPARTUM  SUPPORT

  During those first few days after delivery, you and your household are going through a lot of new changes.  Your body needs to heal from a major event, and you have a new baby to learn to care for.   Your baby is just learning to live in the world outside the womb. 

  You need extra support during those first few crucial days of post-partum.  I can help you get set up for success and most importantly help you and your new little one get the rest and self-care that you need!

- In home post-partum visits

- 24/7 Call or Text Support​ for first 2 weeks of post-partum (longer if needed)

- Household chores:

(meal preparation/laundry/cleaning/organizing)

- Newborn care:(feeding/diapering/soothing/sleeping/holding) 

-Care for the post-natal person: (assistance with showering/self-care/rest/eating)

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