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Brave Birthing Bodies:

If you are giving birth soon and would like to feel more confident and empowered, this class is for you!

We will be learning about the ins and outs of the process of labor and childbirth in a one-day, 6 hour session. Upon completion you should leave knowing the signs and stages of labor and how to navigate each one. We will be learning pain-management techniques, coping skills, how to self-advocate, and many other ways to have the best birth possible.

Cost: $50 per birthing person (partners/support persons do not need to pay for the course)

What to bring:
A partner/support person
Comfortable attire
A pillow or yoga mat - anything that will help you be comfortable
Lunch/water (*light snacks/tea will be provided)

#allgenders #allparents #birthwithoutfear #empoweredbirth #confidentbirth #parents #childbirth


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