Life is complicated and I will not always know the answers, but I will be there with you and help support in those moments with love, honesty, and care.
Together we can be the revolution the world needs...
   ...the REVOLUTION of love.

Everyone deserves to be supported and cared for, whether that be during a pregnancy, a birth, an abortion, a stillbirth, during their final days on this planet, or when they are in grief and bereavement from the loss of another.  Far too often the expectation is that each of us must be strong and should handle everything on our own.  We are expected to hide the challenges in our lives and be “just fine” when someone asks. This is unfair and unreasonable of us to expect of our fellow humans.  We are intended to be a community that lives, grows, grieves, and dies together.  

I as a doula want to be part of your support team, if that be by your side during a birth, a death, or choice to terminate a pregnancy. I support all genders, all pregnancy choices, all forms of grieving, all races, & all religions.