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End of life

Pregnancy & Birth

Post-partum care


Grief care/funeral planning

Childbirth Education

Why I do what I do:


When I was a teen, I worked as a certified nurse assistant with the elderly and I felt very at home being in a role of caring for others. As time went on, I pursued a career in the medical field, but survived a severe trauma and set of unfortunate life circumstances that interrupted this.  I then turned to the study of doulaship – starting in the field of childbirth.  This has expanded and evolved over time to include many other topics and areas of need.  Now that I have experience as someone who comes alongside the medical community rather than part of it directly, I see a huge opportunity. Modern medicine is clinical and serves a specific purpose, but as a doula I have the honor of serving the people themselves in a far more personal way. Each of us has gone through (and will again) moments in life where having a support person/team would be of utmost value, where we do not only need doctors, but we need people who know us and care.  I have trained with DONA international as a certified birth doula, NEDA as an end of life doula, and CNA through the Oregon nursing board. I have also received training as an ICCE through the ICEA. 

I am a born-Oregonian. I live here with my 4 kids.  I enjoy life most when I am outdoors doing just about anything. If given the choice of what to do with a weekend, you would probably find me out in the woods forest bathing, gathering wild herbs, soaking in natural waters, or looking for mushrooms. I am a vegan Gemini, with a goofy sense of humor. I have worked in fields of care for others for over 20 years, and I plan to continue as long as the universe allows me to do so. 

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